In Case of Design - Inject Critical Thinking

Why is design mainly represented as commercial in media? Why do we accept rather than question? Does the lack of reflection within the design practice mirror the lack of critical analysis about design? How can criticism be used as a tool to broaden the knowledge about design? Why do we fear design criticism?

These are some questions Frida Jeppsson, with the help of several well-known international design writers, critics, educators, curators and designers, sought answers to .

The book is a collection of essays, articles, interviews, case studies and practical examples, in which the contributors discuss; institutions' prablematic relationship to critical design thinking, its significance for the practice developing towards a focus on meaning and content and the importance of designers communicating efficiently in form and in writing. Another illuminated issue is the lack of a common critical language for design, perhaps consequential to the trivialisation of design occurring in media, like the limited critical analysis often terminating at an aesthetic evaluation.

The book is Frida Jeppsson's MA project from 2010 at the Critical Writing and Curatorial Practice program at Konstfack University College, Stockholm.

Graphic design: Robin Grann, Grann.