Exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2007

This chair was made as a comment on the standardising Swedish design-politics of the 1940s and 50s and objects' decreasing value in a world governed by mass production and consumption.

Is the origin of a shape or product important? What origin? Is it disappearing? Where lies the true value in a product?

Today's rapidly-produced goods turns pieces of furniture into exchangeable accessories. This chair aims to alert the viewer of the alarming direction the contemporary furniture trend moves in, away from the authentic and personal. This is done by giving the object an inner story; an origin only visible in some light and angles, covered by a minimalistic shell. In order to let the story be told succincly, all form-giving is eliminated down to a basic level where the chair becomes an archetype. The shape is anonomous, which without its user, says nothing – and that is where the true value lies.

A classic Swedish chair, without known author, represents this chair's origin. The material is semi transparant pylythene.